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Does the market happen year round?

We are always held on the first Saturday of each month, as well as some special events throughout the year. From November - April, we pop up in Strawberry Square, and from May - October, we are in the Midtown Cinema parking lot!  

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?

Yes. We have a rolling waitlist that extends until a week before the market. If you apply, you will be added to that waitlist, and we will contact you if we have space to offer. 

When will I hear back about my application?

We send decisions for each market around a week after the deadline. All deadlines can be found on our APPLY page.

Are the markets free to enter?

Yes. All markets are completely free always.

Do you accept direct sales or MLM vendors?

Unfortunately, no. We want to adhere to our mission to support local artists and craftsmen, and direct sales businesses do not fit into that scope, and applications of this sort will be deleted.

Why didn't you accept my application?

Because of the number of applications we get for each market, there could be a variety of reasons why your application was not accepted.


Some reasons may include: Avoiding over-saturation of categories, not having a clear idea of what your goods are, or a belief that the items do not fit with this type of market (such as buy/sell items or items that are purchased wholesale and not made by the applicant).


If we didn't accept you, you can look at photos on our social media pages to get an idea of what type of items we typically accept, or visit our APPLY page. If you still feel that you fit, try re-submitting an application with updated photos or more detailed description of what you plan to sell.

I'd like to partner together for an event.

We love partnerships and special events. Email us and we can set up a meeting to discuss your ideas!

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