Upcoming Deadlines:

December 14 for February 1 Market

January 18 for March 7 Market

February 16 for April 4 Market

What We Accept

We accept:

  • Vintage and Antique goods

  • Original Art

  • High Quality Craft and Handmade Items

  • Food Trucks and Prepared Food

  • Upcycled Goods

We do NOT accept:

  • Corporate and Direct Sales Items

  • Retail or Commercially made Goods (Buy/Sell)

  • Professional Service Organizations

  • Booths primarily focused on Lead Acquisition

  • Directly Imported Goods

License Requirements

Vendors are required to obtain all necessary licensing to sell in Harrisburg, PA:

How Applications are Selected

Applications are accepted on a month-to-month basis. Applicants are carefully judged on: originality, quality of items, fit with the aesthetic of the market, and the mix of vendor types. We strive to maintain a proportional mix of items so that no one category is over-represented. We may also take into account a booth's layout, and look for stylish, creative, and unique. We send decisions approximately one week after the deadline has passed, and do not guarantee a space for any vendor. We only select based on the above criteria. 

Booth Sizes, Cost, and Displays

We offer two booth sizes: 

  • Large spaces are $50 and are 8'x10' during our indoor markets or 10'x10' for outdoor markets

  • Small spaces are $25 and are 4'x6' during out indoor markets or 5'x5' for our outdoor markets

We do not take commission on items. In addition to the space, vendors may send us high quality photos for promotion in our social media profiles, digital advertising, and website. We select these based on cohesion with our aesthetic and a diversity of images. 

Vendors are responsible for obtaining their own tables, chairs, and tents. Food vendors must also bring a small trash can. For outdoor markets, we have a limited number of 3' card tables available to be rented for $2 for the day. In addition, for our indoor markets, Strawberry Square can provide and set up 6' tables for vendors upon request for $10 for the day. These are available only on a limited basis, so if accepted, please let us know as soon as possible if you need one. 

We do not allow vendors to bring: religious or political paraphernalia, illegal or stolen goods, and especially no bad vibes

Rolling Waitlist

We always receive quality applications that we do not have room for, either because of space limitations or an overabundance of one category of vendor (such as jewelry or knit goods). Because of this, we keep a rolling waitlist. Vendors who miss the application can apply to be put on the waitlist, along with those applications we reviewed and cannot accept immediately. We will contact those vendors to fill in on a case-by-case basis. 

Payment for Space

Invoices will be sent to vendors at the email given to us, and they must be paid by the listed deadline. Any unpaid spaces after the deadline will be offered to those on the waitlist.

Please see our FAQ section if you have any other questions

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