The mission of the HBG Flea is to create a platform for growth in the community by bringing artists, small businesses, and patrons together in one place. Our goal is to empower everyone to thrive, represent a positive community standard, and celebrate Harrisburg for the beautiful and vibrant city that it is.​​

Where we start as a market for up-and-coming businesses with goods but no medium, we continue into a place for those hobbyists to turn their work into real, legitimate business with clientele to boot. We strive to help build happy, loving relationships between business owners and their customers.


The flea is run by co-founders and friends Mary Imgrund and Meghan Weaver. Meeting at Penn State Harrisburg, where they both were part of the English program, they realized that their creative compatibility and desire to create a stronger community presence worked perfectly as a business platform. Thus became the HBG Flea

Meghan Weaver


english teacher, features writer, harrisburg enthusiast

Mary Imgrund


digital communications consultant, writer, 

sustainability advocate

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