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Scarlet Griffin Designs
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What’s in a name? Well, let me tell you. Scarlet Griffin Designs came about thanks to a sign (which you can see pictured in my Facebook Story as well as in my Instagram gallery) that had been living in our basement. My husband had stowed it away down there at some point before we were even together, and it caught my eye one day. After inquiring about it, I learned from my husband that the sign once belonged to his parents, and that it was a sign for a store they owned when they lived in Virginia. Hearing him tell the backstory of the sign just made me love it even more, and I insisted that we were going to do “something” with it one day.
Cut to YEARS later when I started picking up crafting again...
I’ve always enjoyed “arts and crafts” since I was a kid, but as I grew older, I drifted away from being creative. Then, a few years ago, I picked up loom knitting after it sparked my interest. While I don’t do much knitting anymore, it fueled the fire for me to start getting creative again. I soon discovered “cutting machines” (Silhouette, Cricut, etc.) and started experimenting and making vinyl projects and learned other materials I could cut as well. I also started trying my hand at jewelry, apparel and other items. Eventually, I started giving some serious thought about the possibility of selling some of my creations. But, what would I call my “company”? I toyed around with a few names, but nothing seemed quite right. But, one evening, the Scarlet Griffin sign crossed my mind, and I thought it might be cool to “pay tribute”, Scarlet Griffin Designs was born!
In keeping with the vibe of the original Scarlet Griffin store which offered various items for shoppers, Scarlet Griffin Designs aims to be a “boutique craft store”. I currently offer jewelry, home decor, accessories, and more! I’m also open to custom designs; feel free to reach out to me with an idea you have or an example of something you’ve seen, and I’ll see if I can make it happen for you! You can click the “Send Email” button on my Facebook page, or you can complete a contact form on my website (
I hope you’ll enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them, and I thank you all for your support!

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