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My Peruvian Treasures
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Hi there!
I'm Luisa, a Fashion Designer and Seamstress. I've started to make my own clothing when I was 8 yrs old back in my hometown in Lima - Peru.
I've moved to the USA as a young woman seeking the “land of opportunity”. And as a result of my passion for my Peruvian heritage and my people, I founded My Peruvian Treasures Artisan Apparel.
My products are the result of a collaboration with Peruvian artisans from family owned businesses, who pass on the time-honored tradition of knitting, weaving and embroidery to future generations.
Together we create Ethical Alpaca Clothing and Sustainable Jewelry and Accessories.
Furthermore, My Peruvian Treasures is a Socially conscious Business. A percentage of our profit benefits Social projects in Peru.

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