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Kourtney Cannon Art
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I like to see life in color and celebrate by painting. I have always been a creative soul, but it wasn’t until I had my daughter Islynne that I was given the gift of time. Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, I fell in love with all the seasons, all the changes of color and feelings as one season collides with another… Most of my art is inspired and reflective of nature, lots of bright fun florals, colorful abstract landscapes, that include odd shapes, dots and drips, water streaks, etc…Nature is just endless in its design! ​ As an artist, I aspire to create bright fun pieces that make you smile… something cheerful you put in your home and each time you pass by it feelings of happiness, excitement, and whimsy flood right into your heart! Like a good cup of coffee! Or your furry friend greeting you at the door! You just crave it! And you can’t help but ask for a refill, until all your walls are flooded with colorful positivity! ​ I also have a lot of fun with watercolor commission pieces! Family Portraits, Capturing a perfect wedding/event moment, you and your furry friend, or even custom watercolor house designs perfect for a special Home Gift! Beyond that, I have painted leather journals and bible covers. I am always on the lookout to create more, maybe even paint my own clutches or wooden jewelry one day! Creativity is endless and I am so grateful to have the passion to do it! You can also shop for originals and prints on my Etsy

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