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Eunomia CBD
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Our team created Eunomia CBD in 2018 after becoming CBD advocates in their personal lives. From helping to deal with daily stresses, and realizing how much this type of product was helping to relieve daily soreness from a series of injuries, our husband and wife team worked on finding a way to help people and their pets. They met with labs across the country until they found a team that they felt confident would produce the quality they required, and that would work with them to develop new products.

Our requirements for our lab were nonnegotiable. We wanted to be able to use US grown and processed hemp, in a pharmaceutical grade labratory, through a CO2 extraction process. We also required that all products would be made to be 100% THC-free, and that each and every batch would pass 3rd party testing requirements. In our search, we had the opportunity to try multiple products, and absolutely fell in love with Nano-CBD.

Our friends and family, as well as our team had never experienced such great results with a CBD product in the past, and that was saying a lot, because they all had already loved CBD! So, nano was added to the checklist.

After many meeting, we selected selected our lab, and every few months we visit our lab to meet with the team, and to work on the development of new products.

We absolutely love being a small business, because it gives us the flexibility to be able to meet so many people in our communities.

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