Volunteer at the HBG Flea


Each month, we provide the city with a uniquely filled, made with love, local treasure hunt which hosts vendors and customers from all walks of life. We work the hardest we can to make the HBG Flea run as smoothly as possible, but we're only two people. Our Volunteer Team helps with all of the things we, and our vendors, just can't do alone.


Our Volunteer Team makes everyone's lives awesome by helping with set up, tear down, clean up, and everything in between. Being a vendor can be hard work, and sometimes they need a break. Our volunteers are there to help watch your space while you do your thang. 


We are always looking for more bodies to help with the behind the scenes things that make the HBG Flea work. 


What we need:

We have volunteer openings for any skill you might have.

If you like talking to people, we have a welcome booth that helps people get information about the fleas on hard copy and spoken word (some people still don't like the internet)

If you are strong, vendors and us both need help with setup and takedown of their specific booths. Some people don't have the man-power to unload all their stuff quickly. We want to help.

If you just like to walk around, we need people to make sure things stay tidy, safe, and smooth for everyone visiting. 

We need people to man the food areas and make sure everything is cleaned up, we need people to give vendors breaks to use the bathroom, eat, take a smoke break, call their babysitter, whatever. The goal is to build not only a sense of community at the flea, but also trust. 


Finally, sometimes we need people to just smile and represent us, convincing people to come back and bring their friends!



Help us be the best flea we can be! 

If you're interested in joining our volunteer team, either click the button at the top of the page and fill out the form, go to our Contact page and send us a message (to which we will ask you to fill out the form anyway). If you haven't already, sign up for our general email list to get updates on what's going on, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



See you there!




The HBG Flea, LP | thehbgflea@gmail.com

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