This is the page for the main markets on the 1st Saturdays of the month at Strawberry Square. If you are looking at this page prior to around a week before the market, the list is probably from last month. We do not finalize floor plans until about a week out, to account for changes in vendors needs/last minute additions. Please check back for more info once you receive the "one week away" email from us!


3. My Peruvian Treasures

4. Template Cards

6. Urban Tails

7. Restorations and More 

9. Fair Districts PA

10. Dazzling Daizy Designs

11. Flowing & Rooted

12. Lucky Streak Clothing Co.

13. Damon and Dora's

14. Woodworks by Bill

15. Evanescent Inks

16. Lost Trail Candles

17. Black Kat Luck

19. Creations by George

20. Dovekie & Finch

21. RVL Vintage

22. HiFi Tom

24. Aural Healing Arts / Succ It Succulents

25. MarKatKnitNCrochet

26. Afrocentric Geometric Whimzical Art

27. Kat Creates

28. They're Fine

29. Tiny Granite

30. Terra Knotta

31. Lotus Designs

32. bCycle

33. Youlery

34. Art of the Earth

35. Owl Creek Handmade

36. Stay Apparel

37. Uncle Jeff's Rock Shop

38. Sweet Lou Snuggles

39. 228 Grant St. Candle Co.

40. Mixology 8

41. Taylor Chip Cookie Co.

42. Amanda Leilani Designs

43. Justin Ward Photography

44. Moonrise Candle Co.

45. Village Eating House

46. The Long Way Trading Co.

S1. Free & Thriving

S5. Seachange Adornments

S6. Fisher's Creative Studios

S7. Michael Yatsko Photography

S8. Uncle Donnie's Grooming Co. 

S9. Holly G's Hats

S13. Knot Mad

S14. Mountain Ridge Farms

S15. Spring Gate Vineyards

S16. That Cupcake Lady

S17. Pure Bean Roasters

S20. Jack & Jeff Denim Co.

S21. JB Urban Grit

S22. Vintastic Co.

S23. Honey Bee Friendly

S24. Tommy Tang Art




Saturday, November 2nd

10am - 4pm


Strawberry Square 

320 Market St

Harrisburg, PA 17101


ATTN: SET UP WILL BEGIN AT 7AM.. this should give everyone enough time to get settled before we open to the public at 10AM.


Details: The flea will be held in Strawberry Square throughout the entirety of the first floor. You will have assigned spaces and we will be there to check you in upon arrival and help you carry stuff/set up if need be. A rolling cart would be beneficial walking to and from your car to unload. Those who have very complicated displays will be given preference for the first floor for the sake of ease with load in/load out


Further, we are available to relieve vendors to allow them to get food, make phone calls, go to the bathroom, etc. 

This is an indoor event, so please do not bring a tent. The space sizes are either 4x6 or 8x10. Please reference the main vendor login page for other logistical information related to participating with The HBG Flea.

We are here to help!


If you want to rent tables, Strawberry Square can provide 6' tables at a rate of $10 for the day. Strawberry Square will bring these tables and set them up for you at your space. Tables must be requested prior to the market date, because they must be brought out of storage to bring to the event. We will not have any extra tables for rent on the day of event if you have not previously requested them. 


Please share this event with your friends, and any other vendors who might want to participate. We are excited to grow in our new location, and the more people there, the more will come. We are so excited, and we hope you are too.


Most importantly: let's have fun! Can't wait to see you there.




Color Key:

Red - No Parking Anytime

Green - Free Parking on Saturdays

Light Blue: Transit Park Lot ($7 for the whole day)

Blue - Metered Parking/Garage Parking

For metered parking: Download the ParkMobile app and use the Promo Code "LUVHBG" on market day to get 4 free hours of metered parking. This code does not apply to the garages.

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