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This is the page for our special event in collaboration with Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg: HBGfest, Powered by HBG Flea. This event takes place over Memorial Day Weekend and is a self-contained event within the larger Artsfest. If you are looking at this page prior to around a week before the market, this information may not be complete. We do not finalize floor plans until about a week out, to account for changes in vendors needs/last minute additions. Please check back for more info once you receive the "one week away" email from us!

Since this is a special event, the rules and regulations may be different than our other main markets. This page will aim to be a one-stop shop for information on the event, but please feel free to shoot us an email on the contact page if you have a question that has not been answered here.

1. Lovely Henna Tattoos

2. Black Kat Luck

3. R J Stoltz Co.

4. Upcycled Soul

5. LoMo Studio

6. Treasures of Another Time

7. Healthy Suds

8. TBWoodturner

9. No. 27 Collection

10. Rewind Handmade

11. Hive Home

12. Kurcz Krafts

13. Art of the Earth 

14. Outlaw Candy

15. Elsie' Attic

16-17. Fox Duck

18. Mad Strings 

19. Muse

20. Devay Creations

21. Art by Lindsey

22. Freckles Tie Company

23. Mountain Ridge Farms

24. Wired Design by Dana Hoff

25. Sweet Mama's Mambo Sauce

26. Salmon Matte Studios

27. Reclaim Supply Co.

28. Furever Gracie

29. Archetype Angle Art

30. Lucy Cares

31. BAE Butter

32. Little Brown Box

33. Whiskers and String

34. Lightseeker Photography


37. Dazzling Daizy Designs

38. Justin Ward Photography

39. NuBorn Skin

40. Restorations and More

41. Moonrise Candle Co.

42. Alice Gardner-Bates

43. The Maker's Place Studio

44. Thistlehammer Studios

45. Amanda Leilani Designs

46. Norse Naturals


48. Double Nickels Art




Saturday, May 25 - 10a-7p

Sunday, May 26 - 10a-7p

Monday, May 27 - 10a-5p


Front St, Between Forster and North streets

If you are looking for an address to type into your GPS, you can use:

811 N Front St

Harrisburg, PA 17102




Details: This special event will be held on Front St, along Riverfront Park, as a part of Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg's annual event over Memorial Day weekend. This event will be held under a large banquet tent, where vendors will have assigned spaces.


Setup will be on the Friday before the event, from 4-8pm, and we will be there to help you carry your items and show you to your space. Please do not bring your own tent. The tent we will be under for this event will have walls that lock closed to secure all items, and will be watched by 24 hr security throughout the weekend. For parking and safety reasons, vendors should be prepared to leave their items overnight, and bring totes or other weather proof items, so that no products will be left on the ground in the case of rain.

We will be available at our info table, with volunteers from Artsfest, to relieve vendors and allow them to get food, make phone calls, go to the bathroom, etc. All you need to do is ask - we are here to help!

          -If you signed up on the poll for breaks, a schedule will be sent to you for when you can expect a volunteer to cover your space. Volunteers will not be allowed to take sales, but will be told at what time you will be arriving and will have a sheet where interested buyers can write their names and numbers for items to be held for them. 

          - As a note, the YMCA does offer bathroom passes for purchase, which some vendors bought to share, so they did not have to walk to or use Port-A-Pottys, which will be placed at the corner of Front and North St.

Please share this event with your friends (we're on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and any other vendors who might want to participate.   


Most importantly: let's have fun! Can't wait to see you there.


The HBG Flea, LP | thehbgflea@gmail.com

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